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Where do I start? I’m in year three of a long drawn-out divorce after 34 years of marriage. No kids. Currently, I have one dear 13 year-old dog, Frost, who has been my only companion for the last 3 years. I did have 2 others who were very old and died within 1-2 months of moving out of my home. I’ve had a gift shop. It was set up about two years before the divorce began. I’m on my second lawyer. After two years, the first one ended a long phone conversation with, “in the end there won’t be anything left”. This, after sitting on his hands for the whole time. As the saying goes, my jaw dropped. There’s more to it than just that but that’s a story for another time.

My hope for this blog is two-fold. If just one person who’s in a situation similar to my life (more on that later) reads this and gets some hope or information that helps them, I’ll be happy. If, in the process of writing about events and feelings, I can find myself again at this late age I’ll be doubly happy. If I can start producing my art and find an audience for it after such a long exile, I’ll probably be delirious. I haven’t opened the comments section yet because I’m still feeling quite vulnerable to criticism; which is literally all I heard for 3 years before the divorce began. I hope you’ll understand.  If I've opened up the comments and your reading I hope you'll check back. Thank you for reading!

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Blogger Sherry said...

just reading through some of your post it will get better and you will survive this. On a happy note love the pic on the side bar of the herbs flowers and Encouraging Quotes. s

4/19/11, 7:15 AM  

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