A little more background

Perhaps a little information about how I got to this point would help. I met my husband senior year in high school. We dated through college and 3 months after I graduated, we were married. Being the good wife I gave up a promising job as a graphic designer for a PBS station in the Midwest and we moved to New York’s Finger Lakes region. We didn’t stay there long. Before a year was up we moved back to the Midwest. Looking back though, I should have seen warning signs. About two months after moving there he confronted me and asked when I was going to get a job. He said “I didn’t marry you to support you”. While there, he went camping with a new found buddy on our first anniversary. After moving back to the Midwest he had an affair. He said he would never do it again and cried. I stupidly believed him. Sadly, love is blind as well a stupid. Plus, there was no concept of divorce in my mind. It just didn't happen. A relationship is not always easy, you often had to work at it and we did. I just never imagined it.



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