Another trip down Memory Lane

I’m currently hunting down a recipe from the late 50’s.  My mom ordered a cookbook from Quaker Oats Co. and soon a little square cookbook arrived.  It was approximately 6” or 7” square.  Remember, I was only about 6-8 years old so my memory of it may be a bit “off”.  The cover background was a soft green and white gingham design and I think it had cartoon-like Eskimos on the cover.  It had a white plastic comb-tooth binding.  The recipe my brother and I loved was a cocoa and oatmeal based cookie.  No baking was involved, ideal for summer!  The mixture was rolled into one-inch balls and then sprinkled with or rolled in powdered sugar.  Oh, and it did not call for coconut flakes or any “jimmies”.  For some reason I want to call them “Eskimo Cookies” but who knows! 

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