Apparently the theme for May is "waiting"

Just recently I read (sorry, can’t remember where) “some believe that depression is really anger turned inwards”. Maybe it was my generic horoscope on the web; who knows? I think that may be apropos to how I feel about this divorce, doltoid and the feeling of eternal waiting. Yet I don’t hate him, at least I don’t think I do. I actually feel sorry for him. He always needs something new. He’s not able to find enjoyment from within. I think that’s why he seems to just dump friends, hobbies, jobs and so on…the wife. Still, when he needs something from someone he’s left behind, he has a knack for cajoling them out of their memory of reality and getting them to help him in whatever way it is he needs!

Whatever I read, also said, “Anger doesn’t have to be the enemy. It can be an excellent signal that something isn’t right for you.” Actually, maybe his behavior does make me angry; his utter lack of any morals or conscience and his ability to use people. The article also asked, “How well do you handle anger? Do you express it at the time or bury it? Anger doesn’t have to be the enemy. Try viewing it this way and seek out ways to communicate it when it occurs. Stuffing it can only make things worse.” Actually this is very true. There probably is a lot of buried anger within. More on this in a later post.



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