Three years and still not divorced!

Aug. 4 was an anniversary of sorts. Three years ago, my husband who lived and worked as a consultant part-time out of state, came home and after ranting angrily at me about the high cost of living in California, paused and said “I want to sell the house and move out of this state.” There was another pause and then he repeated the same thing and turning, looked at me adding “…and I don’t want you to come along.” He then turned back to watching TV. No emotion. My life was shattering where I sat. He probably doesn’t even remember it.

That’s really all I can write. I have to leave it at that and let the taint of that memory pass. I know, I really shouldn’t even think of these things much less regard them as an anniversary but considering it’s been three years and I’m still not divorced, it’s rather difficult not to.



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