My Birthday Gift from SCE

A birthday gift will be arriving early this year.  It's from SCE (Southern California Edison).  How exciting is that?  Seriously, about a week ago I received a post card from SCE advising that they would be turning the power off from 8 AM to 5 PM on my birthday for system updating.  They recently installed new digital meters vs. the old kind for recording power usage.  So last night, it dawned on me that I needed to iron some clothes since I had nothing to wear!  It's obvious I haven't gotten into the pattern of washing, drying "and then ironing".  I'm still in "I'll pick it up at the cleaners" mode and totally forgot that I'm now the official "iron maiden".
At 10 PM, after Cougar Town (yes, sometimes mindless TV is needed), I started ironing.  I finished at about 11:45 PM.  The only thing I find more annoying about ironing is the fact that most of what I own is linen due to the climate here.  So one starts out neat and tidy, straps on a seat belt and arrives a wrinkled mess.  I know there are wash and wear blouses and pants, but they involve synthetics in the fabric mix and make me ridiculously hot.  So here I am, doing what I’ve avoided for over 35 years, but hey, I saved  $28.25.  I must say that for not having ironed in decades, I do a pretty good job! My mother apparently did a great job of instructing me!  Little did I know!  Note here that finding the right starch helps a lot!  In fact, a friend saw me last week in something I'd ironed and teased me about giving in and using the cleaners.  I pointed out that I had ironed every square inch of fabric with my own two little hands!  She was actually shocked! I  was rather proud of myself.  Maybe I'll get used to ironing; I don't think I'll ever go as far as saying that I'll get to like it though!



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