Tomatoes in February?

As fall wore on, I was enchanted that my volunteer tomato plants were still producing prolifically! I had 30 tomatoes on the vines all the time.  Aside from the plants looking a little sad from the Tomato Hornworms I have yet to find, they’re doing remarkably well.  If I picked several tomatoes, poof, a few more would appear. It was great!  That was then, this is now.  And now it’s just silly!  I have loads of green tomatoes in February.  The only problem is, that they aren’t ripening.  I even put them in a brown paper sack which I know from experience will lead to ripe, red tomatoes in a few days.  Well, as time has gone on, a few ripen and the rest rot while staying green.  The couple that ripen surprisingly taste just like the winter tomatoes in the grocery store…cardboard!  I was shocked.  I was going to just leave them in till spring but I guess they’ll be coming out very shortly.



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