So much for saving $$

I really thought I could save money by washing and ironing my own clothes.  Maybe not.  As I was ironing one of my J. Jill blouses ($69) I found spots, kind of like water spots on the front, so I stopped ironing and figured I’d re-wash it.  I went on to the same blouse in pale orchid.  After ironing all around and approaching the “finish line” of the left front, I discovered about 7 “white” spots which looked just like bleach!  Having not used any product related to this in the last 3-4 weeks I stopped and had a mini fit.  Threw all the blouses back in the wash, just in case, and started over.  After hanging and drying, the first blouse still had “water” spots.  That was it.  I took them all (except for the “bleach spotted” one) to the dry cleaners.  “UNCLE” is what was running through my mind.  So $30 later, I have no water spots, but have lost $69 plus CA tax in one blouse.  How sad is that?  I guess some things really aren’t meant to be!  At least I tried.



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