A Trend

In looking at my recent posts, I noticed a trend developing on this blog. Have you noticed it? It looks like it's turning into a food blog! Who'd have thought? Not me. Maybe it's just the fact that this winter has been more "wintery" than others or maybe it's because my potted plant garden is all very dead. It's a truly quizzical thing. Funny how things just sort of evolve.

It's possible that not having any interest in knitting lately may have something to do with it. Or maybe the fact that summer stayed so long last fall and was really hot at the end. When that happens I really start to miss being able to cook something in the oven...but at that point the house is an oven! One can get really sick of salads and grilled things. See, here I go, focusing on food! I must be terribly bored. I don't really get it. Hmmmm????????

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