Chicken and Dumplings

The weather has been perfect for making stews and soups, so for dinner today I pulled out the Chicken and Dumpling recipe. Haven't made this in a while and every time I do, I'm always amazed at how delicious it is. Other than a lot of chopping, it's quite a simple recipe. I took a photo of it dished up for dinner.
Rather hard to tell what's what, other than the carrots...lol!
Unfortunately, I still need to work on my food photography and styling, but you get the idea, pure chicken-y-ness with fluffy dumplings and delicious sauce. I have to say that I've had this since my mom made it throughout childhood. My father loved it. I've tried making it with boneless chicken breasts but find that if I use chicken breasts with the ribs in tack, there's a lot more flavor. That's also why when I make any kind of pot roast or beef bourguignon, I buy a cut with a bone in it, makes a noticeable difference. Seems to impart more depth of flavor.

It was so good, that now I'm thinking of making my Chicken Pot Pie recipe soon. That's another really easy dish and now that I've pretty much worked all the little kinks out, it really comes out quite good! Although I may try to make the biscuits that top it from scratch rather than using Pillsbury Grands. I'll try to make it earlier in the day so I can get a photo of it in natural light since the flash and light in the house at night really don't make for good pics as you can see above!

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