I need a new name for...

A short abbreviation for “someday-to-be-ex-husband” is definitely needed so that when I refer to him, you will know to whom I am referring. Preferably something that is shorter to type.  Something like “dh” which is used for “dear husband” only that would not do here and even if I were use it to mean dumb husband, new readers might not pick that up on that nuance and be terribly confused.  Ferret-face works as a name for him but I hate to denigrate such a cute little creature, not to mention that it's too much to type.  Although if I take the beady eyes and fangy rattish face then superimpose them on doltoid’s face, it comes up as a rather ugly countenance which is what I’m going for.  Maybe on some future date I’ll have a poll or contest such as “Name That Scum-Sucking Dirt Bag Using Only 2 Letters”. 

And again, yes, I know, forgiveness it the key to moving on.  But if someone has made it his life mission to drag something out till you bleed through the brain, it’s a little futile. Funny, the Borg words from Star Trek popped into my head, “resistance is futile”. Be sure to pronounce the “i” as a long i. Few-tile.

Final word, I really don’t hate him, it takes too much energy, I actually feel sorry for him.  He’ll always be looking for something.  That something can only be found in oneself as I’m currently discovering in a very vivid sense.

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