Volunteers Not Needed

It's another year of volunteer tomatoes in my little 1' x 3' garden space.  There's a total of 6 this year and I've already got at least 7 1-2" tomatoes!  The only problem is that these plants are descendants of "Champion" which I planted 3 years ago and would never buy again!  The skin is ridiculously thick and can't be easily chewed.  The area is now home to major green horn tomato worms which creep me out and  the flavor is so-so.  So I'm going to rip them out.  If I plant a tomato it'll be in a pot.

I did find this link to a blog on tomatoes for pots.  It was very interesting.  I'd never heard determinate and indeterminate described the way they were on this blog.  The link is http://www.yougrowgirl.com/.  So I may just save time and buy this years tomatoes at the farmer's market since I don't really eat more than 3-4 a week.  The photo is of just one of last year's volunteers.



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