Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread

While surfing around the internet last night I found a blog with some really delicious sounding recipes. It's called NancyCreative. This link will bring you directly to a very nummy recipe and photos of what I will be making later today, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread. Of course, first I'll have to go out and get a can of pumpkin and a block of cream cheese, but that's okay because I have to go out and get some Halloween candy, just in case. Usually there's only a handful of trick or treaters and I wind up giving the candy away to my neighbor across the street.

I've learned to put it in a plain brown bag before giving it to her so the 3 little boys don't go crazy. I discovered this covert action was needed two years ago when they were going away for the weekend and I walked over and handed her the candy in its original bag through the passenger side window and saw the terror on her face as she quickly buried it in the side pocket of the door. All three boys were strapped in the back seat and quite curious. Having them on a sugar high while driving wouldn't be the best experiences i imagine. Of course her husband was walking out to the car and saw the candy. As he got in he said "Oh good, Snickers!" and received a priceless glare for opening his mouth. It was pretty funny. Hence the plain brown wrapper.

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