I'll Dry

Not heretofore disclosed, is the fact that I love L.O.V.E. tea towels.  I don't know when this romance began, but it was somewhere in my late teens and twenties when I "discovered" old linens and tablecloths. Since then, I have collected tea towels (or dish towels to some) throughout my travels.  German classics with their designs of dark and light blue jacquard squares, Dutch stripes and French linens with monograms.  I've also collected unusual prints found right here at home through the years as well as the classic waffle weaves and old windowpane checks of my mother's time.  So it's not unusual for me to zero in on them in my internet travels.  Yesterday, I came upon a delightful blog called "Elle oh" and as I scrolled through the eye candy of interiors (well worth a look by the way) I found the author's entry called "You Wash, I'll dry" about a wonderful tea towel collection full of wit and whimsey.  It's called "To Dry For".  As a former collector of those kitschy snow globe souvenirs I was enchanted to see they even have a towel called Snow Globes!  There's a towel with a big lower case "t" on it, of course one with an Eiffel tower and "Drop Scones Not Bombs" among many more.  No affiliation, just a die-hard tea towel enthusiast!
And these are just the tip of the "towel-berg"! Do check it out! You won't be disappointed.

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