I don't know if it's the recent failures in cooking, but lately I've become quite taken with food blogs and thought I'd share a few I found with you. Being brought up in the Midwest, I tend to like that style of food but with a few twists. Living in So Cal, I can get tons of spicy food which does me no good because peppery spices don't go down well. The odd thing I found is that spices not derived from the pepper family don't bother me. For example I have a lamb curry recipe that I love. Whenever I made it in my former life, I'd watch the face of the man who loved L.O.V.E.D. hot and spicy foods turn beet red and see sweat dripping down his face while I ate without incident. So, who knows, why that is but the food blogs I fav are usually not the kind that have chiles in every recipe.

The first blog is the Cookin' Canuck who has some really good looking recipes. They're down to earth and seem like they'd be easy to replicate. Next is The Perfect Pantry which has nummy recipes of course, but also a look at assorted pantries which is a kick. This is followed by Ezra Pound Cake where you'll find a ton of recipes in her index. She's heavy on the sweets having been formerly employed as a baker. I found a wonderful Corn Chowder recipe on Opera Girl Cooks which turned out great. And last we have a site called Guide to Culinary Schools on which you'll find "The 100 Top Culinary Blogs" at least in their opinion. So have a look, you never know what you'll find!

P.S. A wonderful food blog totally slipped my mind. It has fabulous photos, good recipes, garden info and lessons on food photography! It's called White on Rice Couple.

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