The Sky is Falling (again)

Well, today has brought with it some nice winter rain. I haven't commented much on the weather because it's been embarrassingly lovely! The timing of this weather is perfect because the hills and canyons have had a chance to dry out from the last bout that hit before Christmas. When you come from a snowy, weather-filled clime like the upper Midwest and live in a place that is essentially a desert you appreciate rain. It can't turn to snow, thank heavens, and it keeps potential droughts at bay.

This weather system is supposed to hang around for 3 or 4 days. Once again, everyone who lives here has forgotten how to drive in the rain, even though its only been a month and a half since they drove in it before! After 30+ years of living here, it never ceases to amaze me. Simply mind-boggling.

The news "weather people" are in heaven and the "storm system" takes center stage as the lead story, just as it did last night. Headline news in LA normally consists of celebrities entering/leaving rehab, award shows, gang drive-bys, car chases, sports (even though LA has no NFL football team) and weather. The last of which gets very little play since there usually is only sunshine here. So let the potential of a little drizzle enter the picture and voila! Sheen, Lohan and whatever other sorry excuse there is for a "star", all drop to the bottom of the news barrel. Weather reigns (pun intended) supreme! Oh no! The sky is falling! Whatever shall we do?! Somebody find the hoodies and the Uggs! LOL!

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Blogger Michelle said...

I laugh everytime I hear my family (who all still live in So. Cal.) say their news is calling it a "Storm Watch." Come to Oregon and we'll show you a storm watch. :) Although it's great that LA can get rain when it can! Hope you guys all had a wonderful Valentine's Day, Christine!! xoxo

2/16/11, 8:53 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hi Michelle! Yeah, it's pretty sad, that's why I couldn't resist the title: The Sky is Falling! Just amazes me. You'd think that having to deal with (shh, don't say this outloud) earthquakes, the weather would be nothing...a piece of cake! Had a nice Valentine's day, no pressure. Hope yours was lovely too! xox

2/17/11, 3:37 PM  

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