The Divine Sarah B.

Oil Painting of Sarah B. by Georges Clairins
The Second Year Anniversary of my blog came and went and I didn't even realize it! Who'd have thought I'd endure this long! I don't know about you but frankly, I'm amazed. Understand that I only went public in early October of 2010. When I went public, I toyed with the idea of deleting the old private posts, but now I'm glad I kept all the entries from the beginning. It's so interesting to see where I was then and where I am now.

I've gone through so much over the last 6-7 years and yet am still standing, sort of. I know my trials and tribulations don't compare even remotely to the bulk of souls on this planet but I'm still grateful and amazed. If only I could get rid of some of the sentimental and material flotsam in my life...that's hard to do. A large family must be helpful in this kind of thing because there's no need to keep a material object for a memory of an event or whatever, there's always someone related to you to remind you of it!

I try to share "mostly" positive things and put negative events in, only when they apply as an update or clarification to why something happened in such a way. Everyone in my family has been "blessed/cursed" with the gift of being a "drama queen" (men included). My father used to refer to me as Sarah Bernhardt.
Sarah B. courtesy of Wikipedia
Frankly, I had nothing on him. I remember visiting him and my mother in 2000 in the hospital. It was so sweet, they had matching heart attacks and shared a hospital room. (Levity here folks!) I recall that my brother had found a local lawyer to update their will. There in the hospital room we watched as my father "held court", informing the lawyer of what he would and wouldn't do. It was quite a sight to see, considering where he was and what he was wearing...a hospital gown with the back flapping in the wind as he crossed the room and turned with a flourish to make a point. Quite a sight made funnier by the fact that he didn't see how silly he looked. It kind of took the pomp out of the circumstance. My brother and I just looked at each other and rolled our eyes.

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