And the Winner Was...

Tuna Salad with Macaroni was the winner in last night's dinner quandary. Funny, I never tire of it, especially when the summer heat is oppressive and I'm sitting close to the front door with the fan blowing on me hoping to feel some of the cooler evening air. There's nothing as refreshing as a cold dish of tuna salad on a bed of arugula and other leafy lettuce. I even put the plate in the fridge for an hour just to up the cooling factor. Possibly a glass of homemade lemonade and a piece of chilled fruit to finish it off. Easy, simple and if you cook the noodles in the morning, they have time to chill before being mixed with the rest of the ingredients for dinner. 

When I ran errands the other day, I picked up a container of fresh cut up fruit and had just enough left over for breakfast this morning. The best part, other than the taste was that it was only $3.99 (.70 E) per pound (.5 kg). Usually fruit salads cost $5.99-6.99 (4.21-4.92 E) per pound.

This is such a good option for me, by the time I buy 3 kinds of mellon, strawberries, grapes, blueberries and pineapple I would have spent close to $15. Then I'd have to peel and cut it up. This would yield a huge bowl of fruit that would spoil before I could eat it all. It's taken me a long time to get used to the logistics of living alone especially in the area of food preparation.

Today was supposed to be cooler than yesterday, but it doesn't seem like it as I sit here dripping even earlier in the afternoon than the last two days of heat. 



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