Sourdough and Heat

Between recovering from my pneumonia relapse of last week and trying to stay cool in this uninsulated and newly un-shaded house while temps climb into the upper 90's in this valley, I was avoiding all form of physical activity and surfing the web. Frankly, if the air-conditioning in my car worked, I'd go for a drive but after yesterday's sweat-filled errand run, I'm staying put.

Remember how I mentioned that a number of my favorite blogs had stopped posting anything due to burnout or boredom? Well, I went searching for new ones today and by way of An Oregon Cottage, found some great recipes and was sucked into the world of sourdough bread baking. Not that I'll be turning on the oven till at least November, but between the research into the no-knead-bread craze and the sourdough info, I should find a way to make some bread on the grill outside. Just need a cast iron dutch oven or a enameled dutch oven that I don't mind "sacrificing". Craigslist here I come.

I picked up a good deal of information on sourdough making from Jami's blog as well as some great links including Gnowfglins e courses (if you go here you'll see a video on starting a starter), Heavenly Homemakers blog, MnLakesCam site which has a downloadable three-part e book on sourdough making, and $5 Dinners blog (which while not a sourdough site, has some great recipes and ideas.

It all started at One Perfect Bites blog when I noticed she had a list of blogs from Oregon and Washington in her sidebar. Since I'm contemplating moving to Oregon, I thought it'd be good to check them out.

After Jami's blog, I went over to Fresh from Oregon's blog which has lots of yummy sounding recipes and unlike me, has lots of pics of food prep in progress. There's a particularly good looking salmon in pastry recipe there. I'm guessing that she's occupied with summer activities since she has no June posts. It's still nice to visit. Next I tried Wives with Knives blog which has gorgeous photos. There's a recipe for Smoked Salmon and Asparagas Salad with Lemon Poppyseed Dressing that looks delicious.

From there I moved onto My Own Sweet Thyme blog which also has tons of recipes and photos (just note that it takes a while to load). Next I went to Banana Wonder  blog which has mostly vegetarian based recipes which actually look interesting. Usually I'm not that into all veggie meals. Here are two  more to check out:  For the Love of Cooking and Zupan's Markets.

Well, that was an afternoon in the heat well spent. Tomorrow I will be braving the heat (supposedly 95+F or 35+C) and running a few more errands, although I'm going to try and get out of the house before 10 a.m. since the car is sans air conditioning. Thank heavens LA doesn't have a lot of humidity or it'd be really, and I mean REALLY ugly! Seriously. Hope you enjoy the links and sorry for not so many photos...being house-bound kind of limits the variety of things to photograph.

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