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Still a bit disconcerted from "suddenly" being divorced and a bit lost but I must move forward.

Since my post about the tree butchers, I've started a wish list for where to move. What follows is a list of ideal qualities for my new abode.

Yes to:
low housing costs
low state and sales taxes
nearby quality medical facilities
a strong art and cultural community
restaurants that are not national chains
low crime rate
fenced yard for Blue and a small garden

No to:
winter temps below 0F (-17C)
long periods/months of gray overcast skies and/or rain
long summers with temps over 100F (37C)
humidity above 75%
land locked areas with no lakes
biting flies
heavy snowfall that lingers with long winters
mosquitos (put one of those little buggers in a room with me and 50 people, it will find and bite me)
long periods of heat and humidity

Hmmm, it would appear that I'm quite picky. Lol! It's funny but sometimes I want to live on an acre or three of land, have a large garden, chickens and maybe grow organic veggies to sell to restaurants. Other times I want to live in a lively "downtown" area within walking distance to everything. What I also have to take into consideration is my age. It's not like I'm in my 30's or even 40's and have a lot of time and money left to move again if I don't like where I choose. Not to mention the fact that my wish list rules out most of the U.S.! Lol!

The idea of living permanently outside the U.S. is not desirable to me. I can think of several places I'd love, but I know from all the traveling I've done over the years, that after being "abroad" for several weeks, I feel drawn (it's almost an ache) to return home to the U.S., maybe it's just habit. Who knows? I just know that after three weeks or so, I crave my own country. This is despite how much I've enjoyed the places I've visited. Places I'd return to again and again, just not permanently.

If anyone reading this has any thoughts on places to move, I'd love to hear them. Just leave them in the comments section. Thank you!

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