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Last Thursday I stopped at Albertson's to get food but found mostly disappointment. In the last 6-8 months, I've stopped going there since nothing is really ever on sale. Most of the time they don't have what I want. They used to be my grocery of choice but haven't been for some time. Now I only stop in for advertised sales which inevitably are out of stock.

Limped out the door with less than half my list filled. This was after walking the store three times! It's a huge store with grumpy associates that make spending my money there a tough choice; that is, it I can find what I want.

As a result, my knee was in a great deal of pain. Limited my excursion to picking up prescriptions at CVS. Thus, here I sit, no salads, no Celeste pizzas for one and so on. Dinner will be a mish-mash of this and that. Tomorrow will be errand day. I'll be off to Pavilion's and Trader Joe's. Two stores that rarely disappoint. Associates are friendly and super helpful.

I also have to decide on where to get my turkey, probably Pavilion's since it'll only be $7 (5.15 euros) with my purchase of $25 (18.41 euros) in other items. As I'm sure you know, sadly that's not hard to do these days. The Trader Joe turkeys sound wonderful, but I really can't afford to blow $20+ (14.73+  euros) on ten pounds of turkey, one third of which is bones.

Okay, just decided on Stater Brother's (another fav) for a turkey. They have the same things that Albertson's had on sale and more! So spending $25 will be ridiculously easy. Plus, I know they'll have everything, the associates are nice, helpful and after my knee was drained, one dear even ran around the store with my list for me so I wouldn't have to walk! How amazing is that?! I thanked her profusely.

You may have noticed that I never mentioned Ralph's. Quite simply, because things are overpriced, associates grumpy and "run" when approached. Checkout on the other hand is a lengthy nightmare. The clerks know quite a number of the customers and chat them up endlessly.

I've actually been the third person in line and timed this...ten minutes! Oh, and it's not like the people checking out have more than twenty items. Makes me just want to crawl up on the conveyor belt and go for the check out person's, oops, never mind the walls. Okay, that was today's rant, lol! :P  I've been in R's all over this area and this checkout ordeal doesn't vary.

Today was supposed to bring thunderstorms, lightening and rain. It brought rain and very cold weather. Other than that, same ole', same ole' as they say (whoever "they" are). It's a damp cold that cuts through to the bone to the point I'm swathed with pashminas to keep warm. It may even be a four blanket/quilt night! Brrrr.... Stay warm and well.

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