Sunny Rain Post

Gotta love California. Insane state that it is. The rain we were supposed to get, was cancelled in lieu of a cloudy day in the mid-60's, but then that actually become this:
I don't know how we'll survive the downpour :)
Avocado tree looking for rain
Blue enjoying the "rain"
Lazing on the Patio in need of a mani/pedi
A blurry "I'm outta here, enough with the photos"
While out picking up after Blue for the gardeners (who didn't show by the way) I discovered an assortment of fungal growths in the yard. Did I mention I told the property manager that she didn't need to have the sprinklers on the front, back and side yards for over half an hour three days a week? We had a mild summer this year, so that amount of watering is overkill.
Tiny mushroom with concave top
So this is the result...fungus among'us. Lol! I couldn't resist, I remember that phrase from somewhere in childhood.
No, it's not pooh, I KNOW the difference...lol!
Weird little cup shaped things
This began as one bulbous thing and has multiplied into two...hmmm....
I've been trying to find a bed for Mr. B but with no luck. L.L. Bean was the brand the my Siberian Huskies enjoyed. They're really super durable. Only two problems, the size for Blue is $59 (~43 Euros) and the company had changed the cover on the pillow of stuffing so it is no longer a fairly waterproof fabric. Sure the cover washes great but I want to be able to hang the insert over the fence and hose it down in case an "accident" leaks through. The old insert fabric seemed like a ripcord type of fabric. Thus my reluctance to pay $59 buckeroos.

Blue is hard to fit since he's so long. He's not like one of those miniature poof-ball dogs which are adorable and I think the "model" that manufacturers of dog beds use as a guide.

While I was out the other day, I found (finally) a bed for the Mr. and it was only $14.99 (10.9 Euros)! Sadly, it's too small. Purchased it at CVS drug store, so it's not like I can bring him in to test out the sizes the way you can at Petco. So tomorrow or Sunday, I'll bring it back and hope the other one I saw is still there.

Note: when I was out taking photos I noticed that it's colder in my house than it is outside! Crazy California weather and building codes.
What a difference 4 hours can make!

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Anonymous ScoopingOprah said...

Re: fungus among'us -- I remember hearing that on Arthur Godfrey's TV show, 'way back in the late 50's. I think he was doing a commercial for a deodorant at the time. Egad.

11/14/11, 1:56 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hi and thanks for the info. Had no clue where it came from, just recall kids saying it teasingly to each other. Some things you never forget. A deodorant commercial, really? Lol!

11/14/11, 3:08 PM  

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