It's Really Autumn Post

This morning was wonderfully overcast which equals great weather for sleeping a little later than usual. But as the haze burnt off, it turned into a beautiful sunny day. Can't ask for much more than that. I walked out into the back yard with the intention of sitting and soaking up some rays but was really put off by the sad dismal state of my potted garden. So I settled for walking around the yard and looking up at the avocado tree.
Just the beginning....
It's only mid-November and there don't seem to be many fruits. Then I reminded myself that I think the same thing each year at this time and that by Dec., Jan. and Feb. it will be loaded. The property manager is chomping at the bit to pick some. Two weeks ago she called and said that the people behind me had said she could pick theirs.

Not to be negative or selfish, but after my nasty rent increase, my generosity of previous years has definitely waned. I told her clearly that in order to save money, I'd made arrangements with people to trade my produce for garden goodies they had and so, my side of the tree was off limits. I did say it nicer than that, so hopefully she got the point. I figure that for the extra $205/month, she can "afford" to buy her own avocados. Yeah, I do get like that. What can I say?

While outside, looked at my crazy, determined tomato plant(s) (sprawled over the happy gardenias) that are still producing tomatoes! There's probably at least a dozen green tomatoes! Since it normally gets all sunshiny here in December, these and probably even more will actually continue to grow and ripen, so I won't rip the plant(s) up quite yet.
The gardenias are still enjoying the company of the tomatoes too! They've been blooming for the last few months without stop. Incredible scent!
After a few grey days over the weekend, I'm re-thinking Portland. I mean, nine months of gloomy skies? Don't know if I could take that. As I get older, I notice that I really need sunlight to avoid feeling blue and out of sorts.

Having grown up in the Midwest (as I've mentioned before ad infinitum) the weather was "real weather", not just gray days or drizzle. When it rained it meant incredible cloud formations, thunder and lightning. Drama! But then I remind myself there's also lots of snow and humidity, so the search is still on.

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