Another Grocery Tale Post

While out picking up a few things to eat, I happened to walk down the soup aisle. I glanced at Campbell's condensed soups and just about fell over. Are you ready? The price posted below each row of cans read $2.19. I probably should have told you to sit down. Sorry.

Can you believe this? Seriously? They must be nuts! For canned condensed soups that are made with chemicals? Really? How do they rationalize this?

Normally I don't eat canned soups, preferring to make them from scratch. It's just that for the last months, I've sort of relied on them in the malaise that seems to be in my life at the moment. Well, those and pre-made salads.

This would have really given me fits, if it weren't for the fact that at this time of year you can score some pretty great sales on these things. Recently I picked up an assortment of Progresso soups for $0.99 per can, a substantial price reduction. Right now the number of stores having sales and coupons for Campbell's soups is abundant. Sometimes restricted to one or two types, I did find one event that had all varieties for $0.59 each. It's the rest of the year that worries me.

Obviously I'm going to have to stock up a bit while the sales are on since I'm not going to pay $2.19, ever!

I won't go into how much ground beef / hamburger has gone up to. Well, maybe just a little...a year ago I thought $2.99 for 80% ground beef was a lot, but you could still find it on sale for $1.79 and $1.99. It's currently priced at $4.99. I will say Yikes to that!

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