Wondrous Golden Sphere Post

As I stood at the kitchen counter peeling a navel orange this morning, I was captivated by the zesty scent. As the knife sliced through the orange part of the skin, one word came into my mind...intoxicating. I just fell under it's happy spell. All thoughts of anything else vanished from my mind. It was magic in a small orange orb.
After peeling it halfway, I took some photos. When I broke it into sections, it was all I could do to contain myself from just biting in so I could take a few more photos. When I could no longer contain myself, I put the camera away, broke the segments apart and savored the juicy sweetness which dribbled down my hand and chin. Who cared? I'd planned ahead and was munching and slurping over the sink.
It was amazing. I just gave into the experience, my mind was empty of all thoughts but the orange.
Funny how having less outside stimulus and such options (read:  money choices) makes you look inward. I'm finding so many small, little joyful treasures I hadn't paid attention to since childhood. The utterly simple delight of an orange just waiting for me to enjoy its pleasures.

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