The Power Outages Continue Post

We were very fortunate in the town I live in. The power came on after 21 hours of being out. My appointment with the rheumatologist at 11 a.m. down in San Gabriel which is about 25 minutes away revealed a lot more damage than I'd been aware of. Knowing I might experience delays, I gave myself 45 minutes. However, it took 1 1/2 hours to get there. There were so many closed roads (and not just small side streets but main arteries), work crews were everywhere so I had to zig-zag all way there.

At one point, I pulled over to call them and let them know, they said not to worry. Easier said than done! By the time I got there I was a shaking wreck. Wasn't all that familiar with the side streets in that area so there was a lot of guessing about where exactly I was. Upon arrival, discovered they had no power and were running on a generator. Their electricity wasn't due to come on till 12/8/11, Thursday!

The book I brought to read was Isabel Allende's (one of my favorite authors) The Sum of Our Days, A Memoir. Being so rattled I kept reading the same paragraph repeatedly, but it didn't register in my brain. I finally gave up. The nurse called me in and took my blood pressure when I got there, both she and the doctor commented on how very high it was. Can't imagine why, I thought sarcastically....and told them so, nicely though. It wasn't their fault I had a tough trip, they were still dealing with the outage themselves and so calmly I might add!

Funny, I can drive through heavy rain, snow storms, and on "black ice" and I'm not phased. But having the feeling of being lost and lack of control of my route did me in!

Sorry, no photos from the drive over, I was too frazzled. I'm sure if you google Pasadena or San Gabriel wind damage you'll pull up a lot. Forgot to mention, winds in Pasadena were clocked at 90 m.p.h. which is essentially tornado level. Most of Pasadena was closed yesterday.

So, the next stop for my knee is an MRI. Oh goody, more money. Though I have to say that I'm so very grateful for finding this clinic. Can you imagine that seeing a rheumatologist (a specialist) only cost $25.00 (18.50 Euros)!? So again, very, very thankful!

On the way home I attempted Subway again but no parking (I'd forgotten that they were offering two kinds of six inch subs for only $2.00. McDonald's was packed. The Von's parking lot...filled. A second Subway, again, no parking. Geesh! I was exhausted. Went home and crashed for three hours much to poor Blue's dismay. Poor bored little sweetie. :(

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