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The mushrooms/fungi pictured look a little too scary to cook with, lol!
A few years ago I came across an exhibition of the Los Angeles Mycological Society (forgot where) and was fascinated! The group's exhibition was so intriguing. Most of the live mushrooms and fungi on display were found in the environs of LA or thereabouts! Who knew so many specimens would hail from this area?

Because of my post the other day showing some new fungal additions to the yard, this group suddenly popped into my head, so I went online to find their website and voila, there it was! Sadly, I had just missed one of their exhibitions in February which was just a few miles away.

So I looked up how to contact them. One had several options so I picked the most likely and inquired if I could send photos in an email. The person responded via email the next day and said just a photo wouldn't be enough. But I was invited to their next meeting on Mar. 19 at 7:30 p.m., where members (who are non-professional hobbyists) would be happy to give it a try!

Unfortunately, the meeting venue is the Times-Mirror Meeting Room at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. Too far for me to venture at night with the shape my knee's in, so I'll have to wait for their next exhibition. Darn!

Yeah, I know it sounds like a boring hobby, but for some reason I find it fascinating especially given the recent discoveries of healing properties of fungi. Seriously, look at all those weird shapes above!

For now, it'll all have to wait till I figure out what to do about my knee. C'est la vie. (Hey, that rhymed!) Thank goodness, I have some dried porcini (cepes), morels, golden chanterelles and shitakes for cooking!

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