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Wrote this entry and then totally forgot to post it because I didn't title it. But it's a good little story. When I have these encounters with "grace" I feel it's important to write about them since they remind me that "good stuff" does happen. For me, that's important considering how 2012 is going so far...but that's a subject for another day. So here goes:

It's a really good thing that I can laugh. Back on February 3, I was at my auto mechanic's shop bright and early. It's only 10 min. away, but at 8:45 in the morning it took 25 minutes to get there. Gotta love L.A. traffic! The appointment was to have him check the air conditioning unit, since it was blowing warmer air than the outside temperature.

Normally if my car goes in, I rent a car, but since I'm pinching pennies, no rental for me this time. In preparation for my three to six plus hour visit/stay, I'd made a sandwich, filled a water bottle, had a pillow for my knee, also my phone, camera, a book and even a letter to write if I got tired of reading (I had an iPod but it died). Yes, I take the Girl Scout motto to heart:  Be Prepared. I was quite pleased with myself and all set to "camp out" in the waiting area.

Well...almost. In the course of loading up the car I managed to forget one rather important item...my purse. Of course I didn't realize this till I was at the shop. Hmmm.... What to do? As I was talking to the owner and rescheduling, his assistant noticed a screw in my front tire...it was almost flat. Thus the day's schedule was completely thrown out the window. Fortunately, there was a tire shop a few blocks away.

Can't recall if I mentioned this, but when I was at the health clinic on January 7 for my MRI report, I left the clinic to find my left front tire was flat. Okay, that turned into a three day project which is too involved and annoying to go into.

The bottom line is, AAA eventually changed the flat for the full sized spare in the trunk. The January flat was also due to a screw but I hadn't fixed it yet, thus both the "new" flat and the "old" one were kaput. The tire salesman said I was probably looking at two new tires since the holes were right near the side wall. (Note:  for those with no auto experience [lucky you], one can fix a hole in the tread [flat] area of the tire but not in the side walls.)

While sitting in the tire showroom waiting, I realized I couldn't even read my book because my reading glasses were in my purse, which was at home! I ask you, could the day get any more twisted?

Thank goodness, no! It actually got better! To my complete delight they squeezed me in between other appointments and fixed both tires! And for free! Alrighty, things are looking up. Remember, I still had no purse or money. (Mental note:  Squirrel some cash somewhere in the car, just in case.)

Being pooped from the morning's stress adventures, I opted to go home vs. errands. While icing my knee, I called AAA and found out I could go online, fill out and print the form for a temporary handicap placard for my car!

It gets better...the form had to be the original, not a copy or fax. Since I had nothing to do with the rest of my day, I called up the health clinic and asked if I could bring the paperwork over and leave it for the doctor to sign. Why YES, I could! Superlative!

Upon arrival they actually squeezed me in and the doctor filled the forms out so I didn't have to make a second trip back to pick them up!

It gets even better, if you can believe it!

There was still time to drive the paperwork over to my local AAA office. Twenty minutes later I left with my very own temporary handicap sign and printed authorization. Now I ask you, is that not simply  miraculous? No standing in line at the Deptartment of Motor Vehicles, no waiting, just "poof", and I received a wonderful gift!

Granted, to some it may not be a big deal but in my case, it grants me a little more walking time on the knee when I'm out by saving me a few steps...in some cases, a lot of steps!!

It amazes me when one gives up the fighting and resistance to things they can't change.... Something just shifts, literally shifts and wonders actually happen, I don't know how else to describe or explain it!

I should note that the cynical part of me is dismissing the whole idea of grace and "The Presence of Miracles", while the childlike part of me just stares in wonder at how this "seems" to work. Reminds me of Shakespeare's "Hamlet":

"There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,

   Than are dreamt of in your philosophy."

"William Shakespeare"Hamlet", Act 1 scene 5

P.S. It actually continued to get better if you can believe it...while at the clinic one of the ladies began helping me with information on getting assistance and possibly disability. While we talked we both forgot that I hadn't paid. I left with the bill in hand, lol! When I got home I remembered to call them, canceling next week's appointment. Found I was talking to the same person who helped me and she told me about the payment problem. I apologized and offered to drop a check in the mail immediately. Okay, are you ready for this? "No problem, you can pay the next time you come in"! Trust! A rare kindness in today's world! Maybe one of the elements of "grace" is that it gives you a new perspective...hmmm.

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