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Back on 12/31/11, I commented on beginning my search for pickled green tomato recipes. Unlike the last four years of pulling out the tomato plants in February or March when the fruits have stopped ripening and the green horn tomato worms have taken over, I decided to pickle the greenies rather than just giving up on them! So I added canning jars to my grocery/errand list that I'll tackle over the next week or so, errand running not pickling that is.

In cleaning up my blog posts, I realized that I'd never posted my findings! So here are a few recipe links for pickling greenies:
1. Amazing Ribs has a quick recipe for refrigerator version (my preferred method BTW, since it's not as involved as the hot bath method).
2. CD Kitchen has another refrigerator version. What I like is that it only takes five tomatoes so I wouldn't be stuck with tons of pickled tomatoes! Plus there's the added bonus of canning as the fruit gets to size.
3. Michael Ruhlman's blog lists a recipe using the hot bath and fermentation method.
4. Home Sick Texan has yet another which list both the refrigerator and hot bath techniques. I like the combo of flavorings in this one, except of course, the jalapeno.
5. Of course "Martha's" site had a slew of canning recipes. If you go to slide #2 you'll find refrigerator pickles. Slide #10 had pickled vegetables in general. Slide #16 had Bread and Butter Pickled Green Tomatoes. All in all, plenty of pickling to keep one busy.
6. About.com Southern Food has yet another recipe though this uses the boiling water bath method.
7. Closet Cooking also has a recipe using the heat sterilization bath. I listed it because even though I don't want to bother getting all involved with the hot bath method, I really liked the ingredients.
8. Organic Garden is a wonderful site with a wealth of information including a list of blogs. In fact for those who may have more than one plant and are up to their eyeballs in greenies, that link will take you to a recipe and this lovely photo. Organic Gardening is being added to my favs!
Photo Source
9. A Way to Garden had one that uses cukes, tomatoes or peppers that's from his mother.
10. This site has a ton of pickled green tomatoes photos, most of which, when clicked on lead to a recipe or site about them!

Well that should provide a plethora of ideas on how to use greenies of all sizes, as well as plenty of related advice based on experience. One last site I'll mention is on salt. It's here, at Smitten kitchen it's well written and clearly defines the differences in the assortment of salts available today.

My pickling will be limited to small batches using the refrigerator technique. Will definitely post pictures when I finally decide on which to make! Have fun searching these sites, I found them enjoyable and enlightening (even though I still haven't found any recipes for senf gherkins).

P.S. To readers in Europe, especially Eastern Europe, I hope you're all safe and recovering from what was reported by the media here, as record-breaking blizzards and snowfall!

2/17/12 Note from author:  After reading Joanne's comment and writing mine, I wanted to suggest that readers look at the finished results in the links. Some are bright green like the photo above and some look a bit discolored or brownish like results from a hot bath method. So do compare notes between them.

It's gotten cooler here, so my tomatoes should finally stop ripening (sorry to those in cold climes I don't wish to be insensitive...remember, I did live where the wind chill could get down to -30F (-34.4 C)...).

As soon as I have six or so fat greenies, I'll try one of the recipes and post my results. I'm also going to try a recipe that accommodates all the tiny greenies I'll get in March. Can't wait for my results! If you try any, please print the link for your results in the comments, or email me and I'll post them for you! My email is in my profile. Thanks!

Happy canning! 

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Blogger Joanne said...

Those blizzard conditions sounded INSANE!

I made pickled green tomatoes two summers ago but I'm not sure I LOVED the recipe. I need to try some of these!

2/17/12, 5:26 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hi! Did you see some of the photos of the blizzard results? Snow above rooflines and people tunneling out.
What I like about the above links is the assortment of spices used as well as the fact that blog recipes seem to have more thoughts and improvements included than a basic recipe on the net.

2/17/12, 7:08 PM  

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