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The quandary I’m finding is that so many negative things have happened to me in the last five years, that when I read over the test entries for the blog, it was rather depressing reading. I wanted this blog to help people who are going through a drawn out divorce. I hoped they could learn from my mistakes and experiences. However, the more primary purpose is to give my creativity an outlet and some exposure. Basically, a reason to start creating again. 

My job search has been unsuccessful to say the least. I’m either overqualified in management or under qualified in basic office computer skills. In hindsight I have to say that the minute you’re able to after the date of separation, review your skills and recreate your resume or at least list the skills and experiences you’ve had in the past. You can skew almost anything to show that you have skills to offer. Please note here that I'm not suggesting you lie or fabricate things but rather really analyze exactly all the things you did in your previous jobs and I think you'll be surprised that there's more there than meets the eye.

Second, look into taking at least one class, doesn’t matter where, that will increase your skill set. As I’ve found out, had I known this divorce would go into year 3+, I could have had a 2 year degree in computer graphics (on top of my BS) and been up to speed in what was my past career, advertising. This information doesn't help me but perhaps you'll glean something from it.

Third, start finding someplace you can participate. This has been suggested to me over the last few years and it's not easy. If you're like me, you have to force yourself out the door. And if you're like me, you'll find the most implausible excuses to be valid reasons to stay home. Don't. At least try not to...I am. I joined a craft group that meets once a week and the more I attend, the better I feel. 

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