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Still no name for the doglet.  We went to the vet for his check-up today and all is well.  He did however object to the rectal thermometer...can't imagine why.  This freaked the tech out.  The tech, a big tough-looking dude, was actually afraid of him.  Turns out the first dog he was bitten by was a Corgi!!  Amazing.  With all the different breeds out there, he gets chomped by a Corgi!!!

He (the Corgi not the tech…heh, heh, heh) does have to get his teeth cleaned, so now the poor little guy will have to be knocked out two times.  Once for neutering and then again for teeth cleaning since I have to have him neutered at the pound.  So silly that my vet can't just do both.  Anyhow, the vet said he looks good but needs fattening up since he's only 23 lbs.  Frankly, I'm going to let him stay on the leaner side since I’ve read that Corgis pork up easily…especially after being neutered.

A friend forwarded a link she received and I’ll try to attach it here.  It is totally hysterical!  I couldn't stop laughing...out loud!!  I’m glad I grew up with the kind of television I did. It’s so different than that of today, I really feel lucky.  Reality shows don’t interest me; I already have enough reality in my life.  Modern Family is one of the few really good shows out there today.  Of course, I do speak from a limited spectrum since I can’t afford cable or satellite.
The weather here must be addressed here.  It is so freakin' fabulous that it's truly bizarre! Absolute heaven!  I know we'll probably pay dearly for me opening my mouth about it...you know, the universe hearing me and all.  We'll have temps of 100+ for Aug/Sept/Oct & Nov just to balance it all out! Hope not. 

Mr. Ears must have been very deprived of attention in his previous home.  I bought a ball and a little rawhide chew on sale (kind w/ a knot on each end) and he looked at me as if to say "...and now what?  Am I supposed to do something?"  Very Siberian-like, although in the Siberians' case it's more like "...you want me to go get that AND bring it to you?  YOU threw it, get it yourself."  Mr. Ears is more confused...he did finally pick up the rawhide and walk around with it.  Here are two pictures of Mr. Bunny Ears cruisin' the bed.

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