The Tale of 3 Tails that got away…

So I pulled into the pound parking lot at the appointed time, having called at 2:30 just to be absolutely SURE the Corgi was still available.  I waited in line for 50 minutes.  Finally got to the front desk...hmmm...there's a problem.  Turns out in the a.m. when they were going to neuter the dog, they scanned it and found a chip.  So they would have to try and contact the owner, which they hadn't even begun to do yet.  So they hold it for at least 10 days to try and find the owner.  After that I can have him.

As I drove home I just kept thinking...why do they put chips in the dogs if they don't bother to scan them upon impound?  Why wait until they're about to give them away?  I'm really missing something here. 

SteeeRike Three.



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