I'm home!

So far, he’s a very mellow dog other than having little periods of shaking when the 2 big labs in the back house bark at him through the fence.  But he seems to be getting used to it here.  He follows me everywhere and sits under my legs at my desk.  

I really can't get over how tiny he is even though he acts like a big dog! He seems to be fairly well house-trained, thank goodness!

Found out a little while ago that he's fine with people and kids and the dog across the street (even though they couldn't really "meet" nose to nose)...his smidge of a tail wagged so hard that the whole rear end of the pup went along with it when he saw Brandy (the dog)!

He also got to meet the landlord, property manager and their electrician yesterday due to the fire in the plug on Wednesday, before going to pick the pup up!

Around 7 p.m. last night, the neighbor across the street and her 3 boys came over with a bag of chicken treats and a little welcome card for Mr. C (Corgi).  The boys are ~ 3, 4 & 6 I'm guessing and really wanted to pet him and give him a treat so I let each one do that and they were tickled!  They're going camping for a week.

He slept under my bed last night. I know because I could hear him snoring and snorting!

And, I forgot how nice it is to have a little crumb catcher! He’s very good about taking the pills. I wrap them in a little ground beef and he woofs them right down.  Liver sausage also works.



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