Taking a Step

Just when you think all is lost, you find a glimmer of light.  After quite a bit of thought, I decided to skip the systems where one has someone else in control of one’s future.  I set off for the LA County pounds.  Often referred to as shelters, I really can’t wrap my mind around calling them that.  This is just my opinion, you needn’t agree or disagree.  I picked one that is known to have a high kill rate.  I’d visited this one twice before going the previous route used to find a pet.  After several more trips I found a cute male (the pound listed it as Sheltie/Pomeranian which is a stretch) with a happy disposition.  Actually I found 4 dogs in all.  To make a long story short I put my name down for one that was available in a few days.  I wasn’t totally sold, so 2 days later I went back.  Did I mention, that I really love Corgi’s?  Well I do.  They remind me of short Siberians!  Four cages down from the one I had signed up for, and that I couldn’t find, was a red and white male Corgi.  It was so sweet.  I proceeded inside to check on the one I’d put my name down for but they’d made a mistake and she was spoken for.  So I put my name down for the Corgi who can be taken home on 7/9 (vs. the 7/12 on the paper on his run).

It just dawned on me; this is the start of my new life! I’m taking the first step in “my” life. This is not a last vestige of a former life that is lost forever and I’m no longer “waiting”.  “Waiting” has been how I lived my whole life. Well, if I’m going to ever have to live in my car, I’ve decided that I need a dog and I may do what some older people are doing…buy a used RV and live in it. Travel here and there, staying a while in each spot. Who can say?

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