In order to get Mr. Ears accustomed to being outside in the run or yard by himself, he spent the night in the run all by himself.  He was totally quiet.  I woke up at 2 a.m., 3:30, 5 and again at 6 for some reason, maybe unconsciously checking on him.  At 6, since I was awake, got up and fed him on the back porch and went back to bed.  I slept till 9:30.  It felt so good. Mr. E. was great. 

I threw some clothes on and decided to give him one of the tiny chicken treats from the neighbor across the street as a reward for his behavior.  He’s very smart or is finally remembering how to “sit” for a treat.  Next, we’ll work on “down”.

Took liver sausage out of the fridge for Mr. Ears’ pill.  To say this dog is food-oriented would be an understatement.  I’ve had no trouble giving him the meat-wrapped pills for his kennel cough because he was so focused on the next one that he didn’t bother to feel the pills hidden in the “treats”!  So far, both ground beef and liver sausage have worked great!

After this morning’s pill, I wrapped the liver sausage in its baggie placing it on a shelf in the fridge.  Before I could blink, Mr. E. lunged, grabbed and ran with his prize…an 8 oz. chub package of liver sausage dragging between his paws!  I tried to catch him but he was like greased lightning!  Thank goodness this house is small and his prize rather large.  I cornered him in the front entry area.  His little mouth was like a bear trap on the baggie of goodness!  I actually had to cover his nostrils in order to relax his grip even a smidge so that I could pry it out of his mouth.  Finally, success, but he still lunged after it!  Yikes!  It was like a little land-piranha!!  Totally hysterical!  Of course, I can say that now, having pried the liver sausage out of his vise-like little mouth!  Boy, he was fast!



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