It takes all kinds...but really?

Well happy flaming fourth.  After several months of looking into adopting a dog, visiting the various local shelters and pounds, I think I have finally found a perfect little companion.  It's not like I've never adopted an adult dog before; I've done it 3 times and had no problems.  While extremely difficult, I've resisted the urge to get another Siberian because I know from experience that one needs 2 or they simply get too bored and then can become destructive.  The source of my future pal is was Petfinders.org (or rather one of the organizations that fall into their website).

The dog I found is a Sheltie/Pomeranian mix and Amanda (name changed) is his “foster” parent.  Since first talking to her about adopting Dresden (name changed), she has been rather indecisive about giving him up.  She has kind of an English accent and no force at all in her voice, very wishy-washy sounding, like she can’t make up her mind...ever.  The first phone call was comprised of her telling me what a problem the dog was, which is the antithesis of his bio on Petfinders.  She went on to tell me how the last time he was placed, he dug at the carpet and door when the couple left him in a room and went out.  I pointed out, that you don’t just lock a dog who's new to your home in a room that way.  She then went into how she sort of thought he might need a companion dog like she had.  I pointed out I was home pretty much all the time.  "Oh."  It was as if she really didn’t want to give him up.

So the next weekend, I drove down to Anaheim Hills (1.75 hrs. one way) to see him at a Petco event.  I was sure if she met me she’d be fine.  All seemed to go well and it was agreed that I’d pick him up this weekend.  I spoke with her last night and she would email directions when she got home.

This morning there were no directions in my email.  At about 8:40 the phone rang.  Note that I'm just getting ready to leave (after I call for directions) and go pick up Dresden.  It's Amanda.  “You know I’ve been thinking about it and I really think Dresden should go to a home where there’s another dog”.  I was so annoyed with her idiocy at that point that I said, “You know, Amanda, you shouldn’t be “fostering” Dresden.  You just need to keep him because you really like him and can’t part with him.”  She says: “Well, maybe…” (voice drifting off).  I’m thinking: “You think? You stupid twit!”

As I said, I've adopted dogs before this and can honestly say that this experience of attempting to adopt a dog has been an extremely discouraging and negative one.  No one wants to let them go. The Corgi rescue people are a strange breed (two of them for sure).  The rest of them are several cards short of a deck (my opinion based on my experience).    You know, it's not the personalities of the dogs one has to worry about it's the handlers'!  And now you know why I chose Dresden for the fake name of the dog...the bombing of Dresden.  Yes, this is what it must have felt like if even just a smidge.  Heck, it's July 4, let's just blow up everything that means anything.  I HATE JULY 4.

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