Fair Days Ahead

"But mom, if I go out, I'll get wet and I might melt!  You never know!!!"

Well, the heavenly rains we've had the last few days have flown and sunshine is welcomed back.  I think people who opt to live in Southern California really like to see the sun.  Some of us may long for rainy days to save on garden watering, enjoy the sound of rain hitting house and trees and look at tumultuous clouds and pale gray skies.   But after a few days, sun is such a welcome sight.  It makes the heart sing...especially in spring and fall!  Scorching summer days are another story entirely.  But for this moment in time, the weather, sun are just perfect.

It certainly makes it easier to get Mr. Blue out the door to do his business!  The last few days have been an ordeal for him (well, and me too).  They've consisted of treats being tossed about 2 feet outside the door.  He caught on to that really quickly.  Then there was the ruse of "I'm going into the garage, want to come along?" that worked only once.  It pretty much boiled down to me leashing him up to get him to the door and then trying to unleash, scoop and shove him out the door.  He was not a happy little camper.  But once outside he did what he needed and so all is well.  He survived.

Having a longish body does make scooping his butt up tough because he turns and while you've got both hands on his tusche, his front end is making a run for it in the opposite direction.  So essentially you're shoving him, not out the door, but in the opposite direction and then the rear end escapes your clutches while you try to contain the front end!  So, yeah, glad the sun's back!

Okay, spell check doesn't know "tusche" nor does the paperback dictionary on my desk, but I swear it's a word!  Anyone?

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