Rain Inspired Knitting

We've had gorgeous weather, some days a jacket isn't even needed. But today we have a respite with soft (and at moments heavy) rain. It's a nice break and reminds me it's still winter. In fact, I actually have the urge to knit! Lately it's been quite chilly in the evening, so during the night, I've been wearing the fingerless gloves I made last year. The pattern I used was "Fetching" from www.knitty.com and I really enjoyed knitting and wearing them.
Image from www.knitty.com
I'm going to use the pattern as a base for another version. I already added two extra cable rows to the top since I wanted my knuckles to be covered a bit more. As I've worn them, they have stretched out and don't cover as much of my fingers and knuckles as I'd like, so I'm going to cast on fewer stitches, delete the cables and do some other design for the cuff and top. Also, I'm going to take into account the stretching and after counting the rows from top to bottom, add more rows above and below the thumb gusset. 

The yarn I used, the name of which eludes me at the moment, has pilled a great deal so I'm going to use a different one. Luckily, I know what the yarn was on sight even if I can't recall the name. Note:  this would be one of the benefits of keeping an online journal of each project, with a picture of the finished project and all the pertinent details. You can do this on www.ravelry.com which is a marvelous site. The database of knitting info, patterns, groups and the things it can do is amazing and it's free! You just have to sign up. 

I really should use it but to be honest, I'm too lazy! I'll photograph the project as I go and if it works will publish the pattern. 



Blogger Michelle said...

Oh Christine! I just read your comment on my black eye post. Yours sounded MUCH worse. I cannot even imagine hitting as hard as you did. I hope you have healed up or on the mend. I am almost completely healed except for a knot underneath my skin...very strange. You can't see it from the outside but I can still feel it. I ADORE these gloves. I may try these myself. Love your blog! I wish I was around for the guessing contest. :( Boo hoo. Oh well. I will come back! :) Oh! One more thing..your darling Corgi is the sweetest!!

2/2/11, 11:51 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hi Michelle, Thanks for reading and commenting! Yes, the eye is much better. Still rather puffy, it's morphed to a lovely shade of ocher. LOL! Keep an eye on the bump, warm compresses perhaps? I'll have more guessing games, so don't worry :) The gloves are a really easy and enjoyable knit. Blue, the Corgi says "hi"!

2/3/11, 9:28 AM  

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