Happy New Year! (again)

I think it's kind of fun to have two New Years. No, I'm not Chinese but what's not to love when each year celebrates a different animal? Astrology is interesting and sometimes surprising. Your animal "sign" is determined by the year of birth. I found a site that lists all the signs and what years are assigned to them. No affiliation, just like a list that's easy to read. This site also has generalized predictions for each sign for 2011.
You can find more rabbit photos here.
In general, I don't believe in the ability of any astrology to tell your fortune. But after seeing a PBS special quite a few years ago on the characteristics of Chinese astrology signs, I became fascinated with how telling each sign is. Prior to this, I looked into Western astrology and again, while I didn't find "predictions" very accurate, I did notice that characteristics of each sign (i.e., Libra with such and such rising) were often pretty spot on to a person's general personality. Maybe I just like the idea that sometimes unusual insight can be gained on why you do or don't fair well with certain people while others get on fabulously.
Cloud Angel or Whale's Tail or ? 
Or maybe it's just the leftovers of my inner child hoping that a little bit of mystery and magic still exist in this world. Reminds me of two of my favorite Einstein quotes "the most beautiful thing we can experience it the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science" and "never lose a holy curiosity".  You can find even more Einstein quotes at this link.

As always, I think of one of my mom's favorite sayings (besides "do unto others as you would have them do unto you") which is "to each their own". Two things that the world might need to embrace a bit more IMHO.

Have a very lovely day!

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