While the tragedy in Japan consumes us all and worries of nuclear disaster haunt our daily lives, I think we need to think of hope, of spring, of all the giving, caring individuals who are contributing to the recovery in that country (monumental as it is).

When such devastating tragedy strikes us all in such a global world, I think each of us needs to take a small break and stop, just to be grateful for what we have. So much of our everyday lives pale in comparison.

So today, smile at strangers on the street and in the market, call friends you haven't spoken with for a while, drop a letter or email letting them know you care and are thinking of them. So often our lives go rushing forward without reflection. What have we lost because of that?

There is an internal peace that comes with reflection. It's part of the reason I started this blog though I don't often talk about it. Reflection gives us a quiet peace obtained no where else. It can keep us sane in the face of calamity. It can envelope us in grace and protect our fragile spirits.

I would challenge anyone to contradict the blessing of reflection because it means they have not become aware of how much is available to us from the universe. There are healing powers all around us if we only open our eyes and observe. But  it does involve a specific step on one's part...to believe in the gift of grace. Grace is the most magical of things in this life.



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