To Gluten or Not Gluten Post

My friend Janice called a wee while ago to check up on me, which I really appreciate. As you know, I'm still hacking and coughing but keep telling myself I'm getting better...mind over matter and all that. We all know a large part of the body's immune system can be compromised by stress, especially chronic stress which I am experiencing in abundance and have been for over five years. But she suggested that possibly I'm allergic to gluten, such as pasta, bread and so on also. All of my favorite foods.
Tuna Salad again, though a bit "health-ified".

She suggested that I cut out all gluten foods and see if that wouldn't help since I really can't control the outside sources of stress. I've read a bit about gluten free diets and would dearly miss the items that it nixed, so I sort of ignored it, but I'm thinking I may have to give it a try. Since my diet for the last two weeks has consisted of tuna salad made with macaroni and not a lot of fruits (except the one time purchase of ready made fruit salad and a few bananas) and certainly no dark green or leafy vegetables, I may have to look into this again. My, that was a run-on sentence.

As I ponder this, you'll notice from the pic above that I'm trying to "health-ify" today's lunch. It's time to do a little reading in my camera guide book so I can turn the flash off and go to manual settings to get rid of the white glaring shine on the food in the pic, especially the tomatoes.

The arugula was a nice addition taste wise and nutrient wise. I know it doesn't look like there's much there other than decoration, but the bottom of the dish was packed with arugula. This was accompanied by water vs. an artificial drink and will be followed by half a banana. Yes, life is really exciting here at Chez Christine. ;)

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