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Of late, I've noticed that a number of blogs that I have followed daily for the last 5 years, appear to be fading. Entries are sparse, to the point that the blogger announces that they're done with the blog or burnt out. Then I discovered when I went through my list of favs (it's very long) that I check on every now and then, over half had been abandoned. It's such a shame, because I really enjoyed reading their posts and will miss them.

I'd list them, because they were favs, but it makes no sense because the links will be of no use to you. So it would appear that I need to purge my list. After making this discovery the other day, I began the process. It's going to take a while. Some haven't been touched for quite a while though I kept them in my list, hoping for the best. So I'm going to have to find some new blogs. Out of the dozen or so blogs that I click on almost every day, five have become inactive, so I'm not getting my daily "fix" of checking in on these individuals. This is a totally selfish point of view, since I should be glad for what they shared over the past years.

Makes me wonder if I'll burn out at some point. I didn't go public with my Grey House Journal for quite a while. I wrote for myself, in order to remember what I felt and saw as I journeyed into unknown waters. Blogging for me is a way of recording and also letting go of thoughts and feelings to make way for new ones. I've talked about this in the past and how I can see that I've grown since my early posts at the start of my divorce. It also makes me more aware of when I get into a negative mindset and helps knock me out of it.

Of late, I've been checking out food blogs. Boy, there's a lot of them! They run the gamut between homey and chatty to totally factual on topics such as nutrition or the politics of food including genetically modified/engineered foods. Since I do enjoy cooking, the idea of my food being engineered in a lab kind of freaks me out. Plus, when you read about how much of our food is already GM'd it's unnerving because no one advises you of this. For example, most corn and by-products in the grocery store are GM's apparently. I had no idea. It's funny how the governments of the world can have their nose in everyone's business and yet they don't do a thing about GM foods (note:  per several blogs, Europe is still very wary of GM products).

Okay, I'm going off on a little tangent here, sorry. As I was saying, I'm amazed at the number of food blogs. Another area of blogging I've come across is the interior design blog, where the owner collects photos from the internet and posts them as inspiration. On one hand, I enjoy seeing the pics because I don't have the time to hunt such images down on the web myself but on the other, it doesn't seem all that creative for the most part. Maybe the secret is to view them as archeological sites where one can see the progression of humanity in the area of design. But that's just getting too deep for me.

Regardless, I need to find some new daily blogs. If you have any you like, please leave links in the comments. For your enjoyment, I've posted some of my favorite blogs in my sidebar. They're at the very bottom of the sidebar and listed in order of the most recently posted to. Hope you enjoy them. Bye for now.

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