Herbs And Allergies

Well, I'm still under the weather with major allergy symptoms, and it annoys me to no end! How did people in the days before inhalers ever survive? I guess they didn't. Honestly, if I didn't have the nebulizer and liquid albuterol, I wouldn't be alive. It's so amazing how deadly asthma can be! Just mind-boggling! Aside from that, I continue to wish and hope and pray that the commissioner who has to sign the final divorce papers gets around to checking his "in" basket.

On a lighter note, when I ran out to get some NyQuil, the drug store I went to had plants for sale. Specifically herbs in 4 inch pots for only $1.99 which is a very good price. I had promised myself I wouldn't buy any plants till I had cleaned up all the dead stuff on the patio and put new soil in the pots. Well, I couldn't stand it any more and for that price I gave in purchasing a thyme plant and a sage plant. My plan is to spend about half an hour tomorrow morning (wearing a mask), refurbishing one pot and planting these two little babies. I'm just breaking the whole task down into little steps since the thought of attacking the whole patio just overwhelms me. It is, after all, Memorial Day weekend and plants should have been in the ground and pots by now! 

You know you're getting older when you think you don't need a shopping list...I was so tickled to find herbs that were so inexpensive, that I totally forgot to get NyQuil...duh. I'm blaming this on all the coughing though. It's rattled my brain, yes, that must be it! Lol!
Not the best picture but you get the idea
When I was picking up after Blue on Monday, I noticed a volunteer tomato between the two gardenia bushes in the little spot of dirt called my garden. This is the fourth year in a row that the tomato has made a comeback. Depending on how I feel, I may stop at Home Depot or Lowes and see if I can find a mini, golden, pear shaped tomato plant. I'll be planting it in a pot, not the "garden" since I know the green tomato horned worms have hibernated in the ground just waiting for a tomato plant to devour in the coming summer.



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