Tuscan Lemon Pasta

Ah, another cool grey day in LA, I love it! Yes I'm up ridiculously early thanks to my raging allergies and never-ending nose blowing. So I'm publishing a second post for the day. Blue must have gotten fed up with having to hold his head up so high to keep Mr. Raccoon from dragging on the floor when carrying him around, because this morning I found about 4 inches of his tail amputated! (The raccoon's, not Mr. Blue's!) So I'll be doing a little sewing later today to close up what's left of the tail.

Today will be an errand day. Funny, I used to love going shopping, but when money's tight it somehow takes all the pleasure out of it. Step in the store and you know it's going to be an impulse/resistance challenge. "No, you don't 'need' that" and so on. My shopping lists start out just the way they used to, but then get whittled down by half based on true needs.
Cortona, Italy
Since I just visited Corey Amaro's blog, Tongue in Cheek, and found her recipe for Lemon and Walnut pasta, I may be making that tonight with a little chicken tossed in. She's currently in Italy with three of her cousins from the US. They're in the Cinque Terre area of Italy. I'm so envious, I loved that region of Italy! Oh heck, I loved all of Tuscany. And yes, "Under the Tuscan Sun" is one of my favorite movies! No it's not a cinematic masterpiece, but it's so amazing and remarkable to watch knowing I walked the streets seen in the film!
Cortona, Italy
But back to the Lemon Pasta...I recently traded a huge bag of avocados for an equally big bag of Meyer Lemons. My friend has so many that she can't find enough people to give them away to. Sort of like me and the avocado tree, so it was a very good trade. Since I still have some lemons in the fridge fruit bin, I'll be using those in the dish. Unlike the average lemons found in the grocery, which are usually Eureka's, Meyer lemons have a thin skin, are super juicy and have a touch of sweetness. The are the quintessential "old-fashioned lemonade" lemon. Their flavor is unmatched and once established, they are ridiculously prolific.

Depending on how my life goes once the divorce is final, if ever, I may "reward" myself with a dwarf Meyer lemon to grow in one of the big pots on the patio. It would be such a wonderful treat! Plus, it would be sort of symbolic of a new life. Reminds me of the old saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Or in tonight's case, Lemon Pasta!

Just had a second thought. This is what happens when I get up so early, my mind wanders everywhere with no particular focus! I recently found a food blog I really like, A Feast for the Eyes by Debby. She had a delicious looking recipe for Asparagus, Pea and Saffron Risotto (with or without Shrimp) which is also very tempting. She found the recipe at The Quinces and the Pea blog but added a few twists of her own. I haven't made risotto in eons. I still remember the first night of a trip to Italy, we got into Lake Como late. Fortunately there was still a restaurant open. I ordered risotto with truffle oil and oh my heavens, I was hooked!

In the past, I've just picked up a bag of risotto rice (Arborio I think) at Trader Joe's, but Debby uses De Cecco's Carnaroli which, if I can find it, will decide tonight's dinner choice. Actually, the price of asparagus will also be a deciding factor, considering I have lemons and spaghetti on hand for the Lemon Pasta. Whatever I make, I may even publish a third post today if I can get a decent photo.

P.S. In the time it took me to write this, I have used half a box of facial tissues just from blowing my nose. Unbelievable! So guess what just got added to the grocery list.

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