Oh Joy

Didn't get to my two new herbs today, instead went to a clinic to have my lungs checked and get some antibiotics. Turns out I have bronchitis. Well that explains a whole lot about how I've been feeling.

Other than that, not much exciting although my post on Tuesday kept me thinking about Italy. So I watched Under the Tuscan Sun (again). I never tire of that movie, think it's because of the happy memories it brings me.
From Cooking School in Italy...heaven.
Also wound up looking through the photos I took on that trip in 2002. Digital cameras are wonderful. When I think of how much the cost of developing film and getting prints used to cost, I'm reminded of how one really had to weigh the cost of each picture one took. So a lot of images are only distant memories now. Italy in '02 yielded over 400 pictures and I'm so glad I have them! Such beautiful memories.
Tuscan Countryside

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