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It's been a while since I posted anything for one simple reason, I'm still sick and hacking my lungs up. Yes, as I've said before, it's an exciting life we lead here at Grey House Journal. Lol! Since I'm spending most of my time in bed, hoping to get better poor Blue is really feeling put out and you can see it in his little worried eyes and knit brow.

He's sticking to me like glue. If I get up, he's right there at my heels. Not sure if he thinks he's herding me or what. If I sit to watch some TV between rounds of coughing, he's plastered between my feet and the chair I'm sitting in.

I'd take a photo of his sad little face but it's not even dawn yet (couldn't sleep because of the coughing) as I write this so I'd probably blind the wee boy if I try it. Earlier in the day, I made an attempt but his ears went flat down, not a great look for Corgis. Plus, you'd see I haven't vacuumed in a bit and he's been shedding profusely! I may post my tuna and macaroni salad tomorrow. I just made it tonight since I was tired of opening the fridge and finding nothing that to eat. Really need to make a small grocery run. It's a great recipe that's my "go to recipe" for pot lucks. My mom used to make it, so it's comfort food and memories when I enjoy it.

Relatively inexpensive to make, I keep my eyes open for tuna, elbow macaroni, mayo, Le Seuer peas and celery salt sales. Every now and then I find tuna and the peas for over a dollar less than regular. Yay! Then buy several of each. This habit has been a life saver currently because there's no need to spend money, well except for the celery and onions which don't last as long as the canned things. Vons currently has a pound of dry macaroni for $0. 99. That makes a lot of noodles!

Well, I'm drifting off now, so it's time to hopefully fall asleep while the medicine has begun to work.
Bye for now, stay well.

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