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It's now November in California. For the natives and transplants (after 30 years, like me) this is VERY cold. It rained today and did not get above 50F (10C) during the day. Night temps...I didn't even want to check. I'm wearing a turtleneck sweatshirt from Express (circa 1990)...love it! As well as a shawl, sweat pants and cashmere socks, a major "on sale" extravagance about 9 years ago, but over time...SO worth it! Nothing penetrates these socks! Love them to death!!!!

Regardless, I am re-thinking my "sleeping" gloves based on the "Fetching" pattern from Knitty.com.  I'd added a few extra cable rows to each end, but really, it wasn't enough. They're too short at the fingers!!!!! Add to that, my poor technique with the first thumb and voila...a hole that's growing bigger as I wear them to bed for the second year.
Really don't want to repair them...did I ever mention that I don't like "production or repetitive work"? I don't. Sure, I know I could just darn the hole, but I'm kind of a perfectionist at moments and feel obligated to pick up stitches and re-knit the area. 

Problem is, I know only too well that this would lead to frogging (ripping it out) all the way back to the bottom of the hole and literally re-knitting the balance of the glove. So, I'm trying to figure out or construct a pattern that will accommodate my hands as it stretches (and won't stretch outwards). This yarn, Sublime, seems to stretch across the hand rather than vertically like a cotton would.

Cashmere had been running through my thoughts as a "treat" to myself and my fingers. After contemplation, I'm now toying with using alpaca as opposed to cashmere. It's less expensive and I found a great chart comparing the two and the difference is remarkable! And I just so happen to have some alpaca though I can't recall from what company right now. More on this later.
As you can tell, this was written Friday, however, I forgot to post it so today, Saturday, gets two posts Woowhooo...oh the excitement...lol! Stay warm, or cool, depending on where you live!

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