Rent and Drizzle Post

Again, there are days NOT to get out of bed, much less open the mail. The landlord has raised the rent on this little 800 square foot house by $205 per month. Just swell. Now I REALLY have to find a new place/state to live. Good grief, I could easily afford a mortgage on a decent house in almost any other state!

I almost entitled this "Rent Rape Post" but thought it too graphic, though it's how I feel. California is no longer welcoming in any way, shape or form...okay, in weather only. But for the $$$$$ I have to pay for EVERYTHING, it's no longer worth it. I could get the same elsewhere.....maybe with more weather but at least pay less than half! Enough whining for now. It is what it is.

If anyone really loves where they live, please let me know. I'm totally open to ideas!

Remember how I said I had a feeling I'd regret not doing my errands yesterday? Well, I now know why. It's actually raining today. Okay, from a Midwestern standpoint, it's just average drizzle, but for So Cal? My oh my!

Out of curiosity, I checked www.sigalert.com to see how traffic was doing. Here's a link for the history of SigAlerts. The freeway grid looked like a giant red spider or centipede at about 9:30 a.m. It's really pretty funny. Red, in most cases, means, that the speeds are down below 20 mph! It's only drizzle folks!

Though I'm not a native of California, after 30 or so years of living here, I am picking up some of the natives' weather habits which is not a good thing. Like today, I checked the forecast and supposedly no rain is predicted for tomorrow. I may wait and run my errands then...lol!

Have a great day wherever you are!

Added about an hour later...the softly dropping rain (heavy drizzle) is very hypnotic...I'm ready for a nap!

Added about four hours later...why do I feel the sudden urge for a mocha frappuccino when I'm freezing? The sun broke through at about 4 p.m. and now we have dappled white puffs of clouds in the sky. My neighbor P is apparently applying for "sainthood"...he once again brought my two trash cans in for me. What a sweet person.

The day has been spent working on posts and my soon to be etsy store while I've listened and cringed as I've heard many skids from cars whose drivers did not gauge the amount of distance for stopping on a rain covered street before the sign on the corner. Eeek! So far no crashes.

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Anonymous BellaKarma said...

So sorry to hear about the rent hike! That's a significant difference! I'm totally with you on wanting to move out of here and afford living somewhere else one day.

As for today, I'm just poppin' Pamprin, crocheting, and enjoyin' the rain while thinking of what I can get for my money in Astoria, Oregon. ;)

10/5/11, 12:25 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

Thanks for stopping by! How funny you mention Oregon since that's the state I've been contemplating. Feel better!

10/5/11, 3:38 PM  

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