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Oh sure, just when I "kind of" talk myself out of the ripple afghan, Jill over at the BellaKarma blog posts pictures of even more colorful afghan goodness that she's working on...sigh.
Good grief, how totally CUTE and colorful!
Can't wait till she finishes it! She said she'd post the details plus how to handle all those pesky strands left when switching colors. They're such a pain. I have my own way or two but am always open to new and easier ideas! I really like her blog, there's a lot there to read, she's been writing since 2005 I seem to recall seeing somewhere (actually longer, I looked it up). She also has posts listed by category. (And she also dislikes Halloween...a woman after my own heart.)
Photo of her neighborhood, from her blog.
She lives in a totally different part of LA which sounds really wonderful. It's an old historic district near Disneyland. Love old neighborhoods that survive with new ones! It's amazing how "huge" LA is when you actually see where people live vs. you! So MANY different neighborhoods, each with its own "vibe".
 A finished Afghan being "claimed".
Do you have any yarn projects just begging you to start them? Or maybe a stash waiting to be re-assigned to something new? Go and check: www.ravelry.com.......you'll be happy you did! So very, very many ideas!!
Of course, saying this made me realize I hadn't checked on Ravelry lately, so I went over there and found that BellaKarma had "friended" me, so I wrote back and from there promptly got lost in the crochet patterns for an hour. I didn't dare check out knitting patterns!

Afterwards, I went back to working on my blog. But I noticed The Daily Corgi had a new post, so I popped in to see what was up and segued over to Facebook to vote for a Corgi, Bosco running for a spokespet contest. Do I know a spokespet for what? No, doesn't matter, it's a Corgi! Lol!

Needless to say, I got lost on Facebook for a while. Just joined a while back and still trying to figure out the whole point of it....

Hmm, would seem I lost my way in this post and meandered quite a bit this afternoon. Didn't mean to leave you dangling. Jill's blog, BellaKarma, is a delight, not only to read, but visually. The other thing is that it's not just about yarn, crochet or knitting, she blogs about a wide range things plus her kitters, Kali is such a cutie! She's a very engaging writer and may just have snagged me back into doing something with yarn :D Seriously, take a look at her blog, I think you'll enjoy it!

Added later:  Bosco, the Corgi won!

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Anonymous BellaKarma said...

WOW! Thank you so much for everything you wrote about my blog! What a great way to start out my week! I have so much fun with it, and love hearing from readers who "get" me and the humor I bring to blogging about my life. :)

10/31/11, 9:31 AM  
Blogger Christine said...

Hey, it was a pleasure. I write about things I like and that inspire me and your blog fits both categories. I especially enjoy people who like myself, have a slightly (for lack of a better description) off-kilter sense of humor! Look forward to more posts!
Christine :)

11/1/11, 2:08 PM  
Blogger Christine said...

P.S. "It's the cracked ones that let in the light".

11/1/11, 2:09 PM  

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