The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men Post

Just fair warning, I've been unable to fall asleep for the whole night and as a result, am rather grumpy. In an effort to fall asleep, I exhausted shows to view on Hulu; even tried re-watching a few things, hoping for boredom and zzz's. Listened to 6 episodes of A Prairie Home Companion which usually works because of Garrison Keillor's melodic, even-toned voice. Nothing helped.

Being unable to sleep is a rarity for me, usually it's the opposite. I've always been able to sleep without problem, which is fortunate. So the experience of being wide-awake for so long is disconcerting.

I'm still awake and it's 11:02 a.m. on Sunday morning! So I decided to look at food blogs in hopes of nodding off.  Unfortunately, this just annoyed me and woke me up. Why? Because, as I said before, I'm so sick of pumpkin, squash,  yam and sweet potato recipes that all I could just roll my eyes. Not to mention the amount of desserts containing those ingredients and.......and...... and its not even Halloween much less Thanksgiving. It's fine to focus on seasonal ingredients, but to the exclusion of everything else? That's just sad.

Maybe I can't sleep because I'm still in"limbo" as far as living and what to do with the rest of my life. By now, most people are on a course they charted in their twenties or so. If they got divorced, it happened when they were younger than fifty, with time to re-adjust.

When you're over fifty, have limited funds, what are you supposed to do? If I were to go back to school, what would I study? What degree would I choose? After several years of graduate or trade school, would I be able to find work?  Maybe I'm just once again being a negative Nelly, I don't know. I'm sorry you have to read this but it is my blog, my life and you always can "change the channel" so to speak.

Although you may not want to do that. Before all this happened, I thought my life was set and the end pretty much determined. However, the only thing one can count on in this life is change and you never know what the universe or "God" as you perceive her/him to be, has in store for you. You just may need this post so you're not complacent and assume what you planned will happen.

No matter what your age, read up on financing, retirement and be aware of your circumstances. Don't just rely on someone else, who you think you can trust to take care of it all (and you). This doesn't just apply to marriages, but to jobs, friends and so many other areas of life. All you have in this life is "you".

A recent episode of Private Practice just aired where one the primary theme was "people plan and God laughs". So, I should never have forgotten the Girl Scout motto I learned decades ago, "be prepared".

As an aside, I finally fell into yawns at about noon after reading a few tech articles on computers. Have to remember that trick, although I think I did something similar about six months ago when sleep was eluding me and I found that reading my digital camera manual knocked me right out. Lol! Crawled into bed and slept like a rock till 6 p.m. Oh my, that felt so heavenly.

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